About Me


Dearest readers,

As a Muslim physician raised in the West, I came to the realization that there is a narrative that is often neglected by our media outlets: that of practicing Muslim professional women.

I intend to use this site as a means through which I may share my reflections and experiences, my struggles, as well as my triumphs, as I grow into the role of physician.

Perhaps through this, I may unveil the mysteries of the life of a veiled Muslim woman.

I also intend for this blog to be a safe space where, anywhere in the world, medical students, physicians, nurses, or any other healthcare professionals can share their stories, describe their experiences, and voice their concerns, so that we may provide support and guidance to one another. My intention was to create a space where the narrative of Muslim healthcare professionals can take place, without the outrageously tainted bias of the media.

Please feel free to send me your stories and reflections here! I would be more than happy to publish them (anonymously if you wish).

Yours truly,

Dr. Sondos Zayed