Love Yourself through Allah’s Love for YOU!

Love Yourself through Allah’s Love for YOU!

We have all struggled with our self-esteem at one point in our lives. It happens to all of us.


Even the Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) began to doubt and question himself when there was a pause in revelation for some time after Surat Iqraa’ was revealed. He began to wonder if revelation had stopped because he was no longer worthy. With this, came great emotional turmoil and agony. Fortunately, his wife Khadeeja, was a truly incredible pillar of support for him throughout her time with the Prophet before her passing. Her unwavering love, loyalty, and encouragement would not be forgotten by the Prophet or by his followers.

Likewise, when Prophet Yunus (AS) was trapped inside the whale and realizes that he has made a grave mistake, causing him great distress.

Even the best of us will have lived through moments of self-doubt, lack of self-esteem, and diminished confidence.


Now, the question is how do we overcome these very moments by drawing upon teachings from our beautiful faith?


I believe that on our continuous journey to grow ever closer to our Creator, we must learn to internalize these 2 truths:

  1. The first truth is that Allah SWT loves us SO much!  We are His creation, and His love for us, is unconditional, truly! Even more so than a mother’s love for her child. No matter how lost we may feel, no matter how far we may have strayed, our Creator will always welcome us with overwhelming mercy, love, and a warm embrace, should we turn to Him for guidance. Relish in your Lord’s unwavering love for you! Learn to believe it with every fiber of your being.
  2. The second truth is that we have been created in the most beautiful image! Allah is the Creator of all beauty and beauty is embodied in each and every creation of His. So, by definition, as His creation, we are all beautiful. We are beauty incarnated, not only in our physical appearance, but also in the depth of our souls. Know that Allah has molded you to the finest detail in the most beautiful way!


Once we learn to internalize these two truths, it is only natural that our love for our Creator will flourish, and we will yearn to grow ever closer to Him. In so doing, we begin to define our sense of self-worth and our self-esteem, not on that which is temporary (what others think and say about us), but upon that which is unconditional: Allah’s love for us and our embodiment of perfect beauty. This would inevitably propel us to challenge ourselves in order to grow and develop into the best versions of ourselves, out of pure love for Allah SWT, because He loves us so much! I believe that this is a path to true inner peace and tranquility.


Remember, self-esteem and confidence are acts of gratitude for what Allah has given you. When you embrace this confidence wholeheartedly, you open myriad doors towards fulfilling your full potential as a leader for this Ummah, in your own right. This is the path to greatness.


When you’re feeling down or defeated or when you lack confidence, pray to Allah. Ask for guidance and work towards being the best version of yourself you can be, and you will find that you will overcome all your “down” moments with flying colors!

When you ask Allah SWT, amazing things happen.


So wherever you are, whatever you’re struggling with, hold your head up high, for Allah loves you unconditionally and has created you in the most beautiful image.