Islamic Bioethics

Medicine is imbued with myriad ethical dilemmas which we must juggle daily. As a physician, I place the patient’s rights at the forefront of my approach to their care. As a Muslim, I experience my faith as the most beautiful, most compassionate, most comprehensive way of living based on the Words of Allah, the All-Knowing. At times, I am faced with questions with regards to my faith’s position on ethical issues which I do not have answers to. I am sure I am not alone in this struggle.

This page offers links to reliable resources regarding Islamic opinions on certain ethical dilemmas related to medicine.

DISCLAIMER: The views, opinions, findings, and conclusions expressed in these papers and articles are strictly those of the authors and not my own. They constitute a reference point from which you can continue your own research and formulate your personal opinions. This stop should only be the beginning of your journey. 







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