I dream…

I dream…

I dream… of a world to which I would be proud to belong. A world where all human beings are one, united, to redefine humanity. A world where we do not distinguish, discriminate or classify people according to their religion, ethnicity, nationality, or political beliefs. A world where brotherhood and sisterhood is a common concept rejoiced by all of humankind. A world where I hope, one day, my children, and the children of my children, and their children as well will live, hand in hand, side by side, united on a mission to end global warming, world hunger, poverty, unemployment, corruption, to establish true democracies in the name of peace and prosperity, for happiness. A world where everyone belongs.

I dream… of a world where everyone can proudly say that they are free, that their vote counts, that they have a voice, and that their children have access to water, to food, to a decent education through which they are empowered, and to good healthcare. A world with a narrowing social divide, where the rich do not simply become richer, and the poorer more destitute to their circumstances, but where there is a bridge between the rich and poor, easily accessible, and filled with love and generosity. I pray that every child born into this world would be given the opportunity to lead a free, dignified life, and to contribute constructively to this beautiful, small blue planet on which we all live.  I pray that one day, each and every individual on the face of this speck of cosmic dust in our vast and ever-expanding universe will wake up, not immersed in fear of what the day may hold for them, but filled with hope for what the future has in store for them, allowing them to build dreams and aspirations.

I dream… of a world where everyone has equal chances of climbing any ladder towards success, a world where the people will fight for what is right, for freedom, justice, and equality, for the truth, not for money, power and influence, not for stardom and superficiality, not over lies.

(A piece written by my 18-year-old self in 2013.) 


Photo credits go to: http://www.onebilliondreams.org/dreams/