How to Create YOUR Legacy

25. November 2018 TIPS & TRICKS 0
How to Create YOUR Legacy

Some days are tough. It’s easy to get stuck in the rut and routine of everyday life. Pray. Work. Eat. Sleep. Repeat.

I often find myself wondering: What is the point of it all? What am I actually doing with my life? Is anything I ever do truly worthwhile? Does my existence matter? Am I actually making a difference? Or am I just another human going through the motions of life robotically until I meet my death?


I genuinely believe that leading a life with intention and purpose is the only way to lead a meaningfully productive life. I, like you, want my existence to matter, even after I die. Only then would I have fulfilled the purpose for which I was created. The question is, how can I go about doing that?


Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) said: “When a person dies, all their deeds cease except for: a righteous child who prays for them, an ongoing charity, and useful knowledge that they leave behind.”


So for those of you who have children, raise them to be righteous, compassionate individuals with an infallible moral compass who value giving back to their communities. Become a foster parent or adopt an orphan. Providing a safe home and bountiful love to these vulnerable children is our society’s responsibility towards them.

Invest in projects and infrastructure that will outlive you. Build a school, an orphanage, wells in remote places with poor water access, a sanctuary, or place of worship. Work with like-minded individuals to create programs and non-profit companies which serve the marginalized and save the environment.

Lastly, invest in your knowledge and education. Take those with less experience than you under your wing. Teach, guide, and inspire them towards greatness. Excel in your field and publish your work so that others can continue to learn from it, build on it, and improve it. Your work will continue to have an impact, even after your passing.


This, I’ve learned, is how you create a LEGACY.


So when you feel like you’re stuck in the routine of everyday life, take a step back and re-evaluate. Ensure that you’re investing in at least one of the three ways that your life can have a meaningful impact, even after your death. As my mama always says, “You do your part, and leave the rest in God’s hands.” Free yourself from shouldering the burden of outcome. Instead, throw yourself into the work, lead a productive life, and pray that it may be accepted by the Creator.


Think BIG. Achieving anything worthwhile will not be easy. Never underestimate the impact YOU can have.



Inspired by: The Productive Muslim: Where Faith Meets Productivity by Faris Mohammad